Hi I'm Rodd Talebi.
This is my website.

Data Scientist - Machine Learning PhD - Rowing Coach

Started with Math, but it wasn't enough; threw in some Physics and Astronomy.
  Spent a summer learning Python to search for binary asteroids in radar images.
Data Science? Math, stats, analytics? Sign me up.
  How about data science in the public sector? Did that for the City of Los Angeles for a year.
Masters in Analytics over in Georgia!
  Private sector work is a little boring...then boom...



Chances of a bot finding my personal page if I don't share it too much?

Cell 650.930.0533

Email roddtalebi@gmail.com

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Former deputy mayor Rick Cole, current city manager of Santa Monica, and myself at the unveil of Mayor Eric Garcetti's Sustainability Plan for the City of Los Angeles.

Channeling Einstein for my poster presentation on Cartesian Genetic Programming after three months at GTRI.


I currently work at Georgia Tech Research Institute as a Research Scientist.
It's pretty, pretty, pretty good.
Here are a few things I've done.

- Cartesian Genetic Programming framework in Python
- Deep Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Network with TensorFlow to classify enemy radar pulses
- Multi-Objective Optimization for missile detection
- assist Auto-Algorithm Design Class for undergraduate students
- Computer Vision research for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.


Being a Georgia Tech employee through GTRI, I have the ability to be a full time employee and a part time student. I'll be taking about one class per semester for the next few years before I can take my qualifying exam.

Doctor of Philosophy in Machine Learning - expected 202#

Master of Science in Analytics - graduated 2016

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Astrophysics - graduated 2014

I made the official graduation photo for Georgia Tech's Instagram...famous.

Waiting to receive my silver medal at the 2014 Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Men's Varsity 8 Grand Final...Even lightweights can be fast.


After 3 years or rowing at UCLA and 3 years of assistant coaching, I took on the role of head coach of the women's varsity squad in the fall of 2017 through spring of 2019. Currently I serve as a volunteer coach for Georgia Tech and an alumnus board member for UCLA.

Georgia Tech Varsity Coach

UCLA Board Member. Captain. Stroke Seat.

One of my favorite projects with rowing was to create a website for my squad. I also automated a lot of the data collection (erg[ometer] scores) and created a dashboard to visualize the data. I'd share it because it's awesome, but how do I know that you're not just gonna give it to UGA? Just trust me; it's cool.

Misc Projects

Low priority to update this (sorry) but here is a short list.

-computer hackintosh (sorry pc folks) build
-magic mirror + google assistant build on raspberry pi
-security system build on raspberry pi
-indoor gardening